About Us

Our love of wine tasting has taken us on many adventures throughout California’s beautiful wine countries, each having its distinct beauty and history. This ultimately resulted in our fascination to the history of wine making in California and the influence of its missions bringing the first varietal, the Mission grape. Their mission resulted in the numerous names of cities and counties using San and Santa coming from the root word Sant, used in many languages, meaning good and truth.

Now with so many diverse grape varietals brought in by numerous immigrants and grown in California’s distinct and vast terroirs has created the potential to produce a wine to cater to every appellation and palate. It is our mission to create the best wine for a particular microclimate and varietal. It is the infinite combinations that propel our creativity and inspire our mission to make “outstanding” wines that are “truthful” to their origin.

Debbie and Greg Hammill

Our email address is info@santwines.com